Sandra Netherlands, started a small recycling business turning scrap metal into sought after art and décor articles. She saw a niche in the market for unusual and unique articles that enabled her to provide an income, not only for themselves, but also for unemployed people who could collect scrap metal and old enamel articles and thus cleaning up the environment and benefiting the community with a “green environment”. In this way they have also empowered woman to start small businesses collecting these “raw materials”. This being the start of Die Blikplek.

Die Blikplek was started as a project to benefit others. A whole army of unemployed people was put to action to collect scrap metal and old enamel containers thus earning an income from these endeavours with the added bonus that the environment becomes cleaner and “green”. This scrap is then processed by once unemployed people (some ex-convicts) who have become skilled welders.

Sandra then opened up Die Blikskottel. A restaurant on the same premises as Die Blikplek.. In the starting up of Die Blikskottel – training of young women also began in earnest to supply in its demand for business skills in catering, hospitality and management. On the property next door to Die Blikplek – Sandra has the beautiful Green Acorn Guest House where she uniquely displays her art from Die Blikplek in the individually decorated 21 room guesthouse.


Sandra’s work ethic is inspirational. All visitors to The Green Acorn Guest and Die Blikplek receive VIP treatment. Her interest in people makes friends instead of customers. People are her passion and the success of every previously destitute person earning a living is cause for celebration. Sandra aims to give people a sense of achievement, pride in themselves, belief in themselves and best of all, dignity. Sandra has managed to build several businesses which has meant prosperity and hope, not only for herself, her management team and her employees, but also for many others in the Ficksburg community!

Sandra was born on the 15th of May 1960. She matriculated from Kroonstad in 1978. Sandra studied at the University of the Orange Free State and also received a MBA in Australia. She has successfully started and continues to run two business. Sandra speaks English, Afrikaans and Sotho.


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Explore the vast variety of products available from Die Blik Plek.  See how Sandra has used her art in and around the Green Acorn Guest House too!